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Day 5.0: I am Groot.

We… are… Groot! Feedback Carousel Feel free to leave a virtual post-it by clicking on a poster and then writing a comment at the bottom. Logic Models BSILI-2015-Logic-Model Cerritos BSILI-2015-Logic-Model Crafton Hills BSILI-2015-Logic-Model CTE CoP CLP Support BSILI-2015-Logic-Model El Canada BSILI-2015-Logic-Model Palo Verde BSILI-2015-Logic-Model SAC BSILI-2015-Logic-Model West Hills Coalinga BSILI-2015-Logic-Model-College of Marin BSILI-2015-Logic-Model-Fresno BSILI-2015-Logic-Model-Gavilan BSILI-2015-Logic-Model-HoM […]

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Day 4.0: Team Planning

  PL Pathways Discussion Points Johari Window Activity Electronic copies of the files available at our Handouts page. Hard at Work

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Day 3.0: Evaluating Change

I am Groot! (Happy Birthday, Crystal!)   Welcome Back!   Integrated Planning Crosswalk Spotlight:  Cerritos College X Working Hard Homework Put finishing touches on your logic model and theory of change Work on your PL Hub Plan and Calendar (electronic copy available under Day 3.0 at the Handouts for You section) Read the guided pathways […]

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Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Gallery Walk   Drafting a Logic Model for Your PL Hub BSILI 2015 Logic Model Template from Slide Presentation CSM Spotlight Snacks@the Student Experience Bar Logic Model Peer Review and Professional Learning Rubrics Logic Model Peer Review Exercise NH BSILI 2015 Wenger Rubric Framework Ann & Lauren:  I am Groot? I am Groot!!  Homework Using the […]

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I am Groot.

Day 1.0: Change Narratives

  Small Group Appreciative Inquiry for Storyboards Spotlights & Building a Change Narrative Why RA in STEM? Bakersfield HoM Math Pathway Redesign Working Session: Your college’s change narrative Homework With your campus teammates, create a “Change Narrative” poster that articulates/illustrates: 1. What do you want to change? 2. What professional learning is needed […]

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BSILI 2015 Welcome to the Mountain!

Get ready to BSILI! Getting to know one another… The Marshmallow Challenge & Institute Overview! Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team       Mapping our Shared Why Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action Student Pathway Storyboard Project   Professional Pathways   Homework for Day 1 1. Create a video or digital […]

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