Leadership Discussion

Day 4.0: Team Planning

Rose Asera shares leadership resources The Nine Learning Tasks of Leadership, from Learning as a Way of Leading: Lessons from the Struggle for Social Justice by Stephen Preskill and Stephen D. Brookfield Discussion prompts: In which leadership learning tasks do you feel that you have expertise? In which tasks do you feel more of a novice? How might […]

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Day 3.0: Evaluating and Supporting Change

Announcement: NADE conference 2016 in Anaheim March 15-19, 2016 at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, CA (hosted by CalADE) More information will be posted as available OR visit www.nade.net Peer Review of Logic Models and Theories of Change  Logic Model Peer Review Exercise (click to open) Data Inquiry Groups Introduction Spotlight DIG Presentations: Coastline and Santa […]

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Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Theory of Change and Logic Models “We are the miracle.” BSILI 2014 Logic Model (template — click to open) BSILI 2013 Logic Model Fullerton College (example — click to open) Spotlight: College of San Mateo does RA Guiding question: What professional learning have CSM educators experienced and what value does this learning have for the CSM community? […]

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Day 1.0: Spotlight on Change

Communities of Practice Handouts: California Acceleration Project CAP Overview for BSILI 2014 (1) (click to open) Habits of Mind HoM BSILI 2014 Handout (click to open) Reading Apprenticeship Project RAP 1 page (click to open) Threshold Project Threshold Projects 1 page (click to open) JOHARI TEMPLATE (click to open) BSILI 2014 Logic Model (template — click to open)

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