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Day 5.0: Next Steps

Don’t lose the mountain We will all bear witness to each others’ journey Day 5 focused on sharing, providing feedback and reflecting as well as featuring an impromptu birthday rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” led by the incomparable Nika Hogan. We can’t wait to see what will be accomplished in the coming months!  

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Day 4.0: Team Planning

Data Inquiry for Your PL Hubs This morning we discussed using data inquiry to tell the PL Hub story and inform success.   Research questions guide everything, and the way we frame the question is essential:   This was connected to Wenger’s outcomes:   Teams then put this into practice in a rubric exercise: Professional Learning […]

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Day 3.0: Evaluating and Supporting Change

Change Presentation Peer Response Exercise Teams paired up to share their work-in-progress and engage in deep and productive discussions including reactions, advice, and ideas for revision.  Participants remarked, “We built on synergy,” “It helps us to think about our language,” and “It’s wonderful seeing the knowledge and development in our teams.” Integrated Planning Text Set:  “Implementing effective practices within the confines […]

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Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Chancellor’s Office Models a Change Narrative We need to bear witness… Change Narrative Gallery Walk Participants made wonderful posters to describe, define, and visualize their change narrative. Amazing work! Theory of Change and Wenger Communities Participants began to synthesize their why with a theory of change and how communities and networks operate toward that change. […]

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Day 1.0: Putting Inquiry at the Center

A beautiful start to our first full day on the mountain! Team Shields/Crests – Represent Your Why! As a team, colleges developed their shared understanding, their shared mission, and created a “college crest/shield” that represents that work, and the crest game was strong! San Diego Continuing Ed.: the wolf pack. Work collaboratively for a stronger […]

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BSILI 2018: Welcome to the Mountain!

First of all, welcome to BSILI! We are so glad to have you here at the mountain with us, dedicating time to be leader for your yourself, your college, and your students.  For so many of us, BSILI has been, and continues to be, an intensive and transformative experience.  We hope it is the same […]

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