Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Transactional stuff can happen via email. Transformational stuff happens when we’re together. – Deborah Harrington

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West LA College Team #2

Theory of Change and Logic Modeling

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This is an important part of the process to help visualize, articulate, and plan how you will reach the vital change you intend.

3CSN Theory of Change and Logic Model

3CSN Theory of Change and (Simple) Logic Model


West Hills Logic Model

West Hills Logic Model

Blank Logic Model Template

LAP CoP Logic Model

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Tina Christie:

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Mapping Evidence of Professional Learning

Our Wenger article (see Institute Readings) gives us a framework to assess the learning that happens in our communities of practice, and in your Professional Learning Hubs.  Although the pages were not assigned before the institute, we invite you to read the remainder of that piece to better see how you might gather evidence of the professional learning through your student success initiative.


Blank Wenger Professional Learning Rubric

Day 2.o Slides


  • Using the feedback you received on your poster and you ongoing notes and reflections, create a presentation (using PowerPoint, Prezi, or whatever you want) pitching the PL needed to support your SSI to a particular audience. Be prepared to deliver your presentation to another team for feedback on Wednesday morning.
  • As you work on your presentation, keep in mind the following questions:
    • In what ways does the success of your initiative depend upon effective PL? In other words, how is PL at the center of your change narrative?
    • What makes the PL you are proposing particularly valuable and effective?
    • How might you make the case that funds (BSI, Equity, SSSP), etc. should be invested in the kind of PL you are proposing? How is PL necessary to achieving the goals of your team’s plans?
    • What will the particular audience need to hear to be convinced?

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