Day 4.0: Team Planning

Data Inquiry


Use the data to tell the story of your Professional Learning, as well as to inform your plan.  This is also about your experience, your team, your community and the value of that interaction.  This is where the Wenger Rubric comes in handy (see Handouts for a digital copy):


BSILIers post possible evidence for effective professional learning in communities of practice:

Professional development is transactional. Professional learning is transformational.

Teaching is an extension of learning.

We often treat ourselves in a deficit model.  We need to re-learn how to learn.

Professional learning must come from the bottom up.

Gavilan Presents Their Professional Learning Story

20160616_113013 20160616_113020

Gavilan’s Presentation

Change and Sustain/ability

Gavilan’s Professional Learning Inquiry Questions

Elevator Speeches

Teams are planning and drafting their Elevator Speeches:

Day 4.0 Slides


  1. Completed PL Hub Plan
    1. Including signing up for Summer Check-in Conference call.
  2. Revise Elevator Speech, film it, and then post it on the BSILI Facebook page.
    1. Comment on three other posts before our morning session tomorrow.
  3. Revise Logic Models and Theory of Change
    1. Email these two things to Crystal tonight (
  4. Finish Final Poster, which consists of the following:
    1. Your final draft Logic Model
    2. Your Theory of Change
    3. A visual of some kind
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