Day 5.0: Leaving and Arriving

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Click the image for a link to LA City's full poster.

Click the image for a link to LA City’s full poster.

Logic Models

BSILI 2016 by Mark Manasse

Ode to BSILI 2016


Oh BSILI 2016

This year may have been the best yet.

So many memorable moments.

Some that will be hard to forget.


Transactional vs. Transformational

New ideas with which to tinker.

Bragging to your friends back at home…

Bet you didn’t know I’m a Mother F’in Four Quadrant Thinker.


Homework, videos,

Late night planning talks.

No one told me I might pull a hamstring

Due to the one million gallery walks.


It’s true, value narratives, change theories, crosswalks

So many frameworks abound.

But it is with personal interactions

That true value is found.


Joking and dancing

Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Kyle and Jillian being sung here.

Leaving with new types of deep…powerful…personal learning and introspective questions…

Like Is it an insult to be compared to a Wenger?


PD vs. PL,

Exploring dualities like these hit the spot.

Feeling uncomfortable in our twilight, liminal spaces:

It’s an iterative process after all—everyone take a shot!


Some people might fear being a part of the BSILI CoP,

But honestly, the entry fee is not very large.

You know you’re part of the group

When you’ve been interrupted yet again by “That lady in charge.”


Professional learning and equity

Are not a single story.

BSILI, to me, is hoping to watch Danny get in formation with Beyoncé

And shake it with all his glory.


Dual learning moments

Like marshmallows, guitar picks, and other things we all witnessed.

While presenting, Erik dropping vocab like exigence and reify,

He really should start a word-of-the-day calendar business.


Our CoP had other bonding moments:

Being-frustrated-by-having-ten-minutes-to-do-a-sixty-minute-task is not a sin here.

Stop teaching us the history of David Bowie already, Deborah.

Five minutes ago, the f-ing bell rang for dinner.


But unfortunately, like everything in life,

We need to say goodbye to our new BSILI friends.

But don’t be too sad, as Ziggy Stardust taught us,

We are all simultaneously going and coming in the end.


Oh BSILI 2016,

I don’t need a grumpy cat to say it.

All of us together, this week,

We mother f’in slayed it.

Who Needs Poster

In case you all need a reminder of who needs what and who can provide what, here’s a copy of the Who Needs Poster we developed.  Be sure to reach out if you need something that’s not on here, and be sure to reach out if you can provide something.

Who Needs Poster

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