Day 3.0: Planning Continued, for Integration and for Equity

Presentation Peer Review

I’ve heard some really powerful and motivating speeches this morning. Great job, BSILIers!

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College Team Presentations

Below are a few of the presentations college teams created this morning. Unfortunately, the embed code for other presentations is malfunctioning on WordPress, so they are not visible here. Those presentations have also been shared on the BSILI Facebook page, so look there for others. Thank you!

And here is a special one because it has Star Wars script!

Integrated Planning

An important aspect of creating long-term institutional change is to understand how your initiative connects with other initiatives, how it connects with your institutional goals. An example we looked at today was Pierce College’s model:

Pierce College's integrated planning model.

Pierce College’s integrated planning model.

A resource mentioned this morning was the Applied Solution Kit (ASK), and it might be something worth exploring for your initiative and campus. Feel free to reach out to 3CSN to help work with you and your campus as you move forward with your integrated planning.


Click on the image to go explore the Applied Solution Kits that Mike discussed today.

Equity by Design


It is important to embed equity mindedness in our initiatives in order to help provide equity to our colleges, to the system of higher education.

To remind you of some of the equity principles, see the Center for Urban Education’s (CUE) “Five Principles for Creating Equity by Design.” For even more information, check out CUE’s website.

Arnita also posted this, and a couple of other resources, to the BSILI 2017 Facebook page.

Integrated Poster Gallery Walk

Walk_1 Walk_2

Day 3.0 Slides

You can get the day’s slides here: Day 3.0 Slides


With your team, work on:

  • Your logic model
  • Your PL Hub plan
  • Your PL Hub calendar

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