BSILI 2018: Welcome to the Mountain!


First of all, welcome to BSILI! We are so glad to have you here at the mountain with us, dedicating time to be leader for your yourself, your college, and your students.  For so many of us, BSILI has been, and continues to be, an intensive and transformative experience.  We hope it is the same for you.

Now, Get ready to BSILI!

Marshmallow Challenge!

Working together in mixed-college teams, participants created “marshmallow structures” out of spaghetti, tape, string, and a single marshmallow. Teams learned to collaborate quickly and work to create something new. A hilarious trial-and-error endeavor, participants created some interesting structures.

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And the winner is a 14″ structure!


Eric Klein – “Is Change Possible?”

Focusing on Klein’s four quadrants, participants discussed their key takeaways and how they can contribute to leadership and transformational change.

List of the Klein Quadrant takeaways

Part 2 of the Klein Quadrant takeaways

Highlighting Marina’s comment, personal growth requires vulnerability. Here’s a good resource from Brene Brown on “The Power of Vulnerability”:

Day 0.5 PowerPoint Slides



  • Create a Team Shield/Crest articulating your “Why.”
  • If you have not read the Wenger article and chosen several “golden lines” to discuss, please do so now.
  • Post group “why” with group picture to the BSILI 2018 Facebook Group.
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