Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Chancellor’s Office Models a Change Narrative

We need to bear witness…

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Change Narrative Gallery Walk

Participants made wonderful posters to describe, define, and visualize their change narrative. Amazing work!

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Theory of Change and Wenger Communities

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Participants began to synthesize their why with a theory of change and how communities and networks operate toward that change. As a first step, participants began to outline what professional learning activities are needed and what knowledge capital will result from those activities.

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Theory of change helps explain how and why an organization will bring about the intended impact.

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This theory of change is exemplified in LA’s College Promise:

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The theory of change was then conceptualized in each college’s theory of action, represented in West LA’s logic model:

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In your binders there are many examples of these logic models and theories of change. You can also see them in the Handouts for You section. Putting the two pieces together, the theory of change and the theory of action can be conceptualized like this:

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To practice these concepts, the groups worked on putting the puzzle pieces of a disjointed logic model back together:

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Drafting Logic Models

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Logic Models and Wenger – Professional Learning Rubric

In order to help assess the learning that is happening in communities and networks, it is helpful to examine the value participants have found, including at different levels. This is an example of how to do that, according to Wenger et al:

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Day 2.0 Slides

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Using the feedback you received on your poster and your ongoing notes and reflections, create a presentation (using PowerPoint, Prezi, or whatever you want) pitching the professional learning needed to support your SSI (student success initiative) to a particular audience.

Be prepared to deliver your presentation to another team for feedback on Wednesday morning.

As you work on your presentation, keep in mind the following questions:

  1. In what ways does the success of your initiative depend upon effective PL (professional learning)? In other words, how is PL at the center of your change narrative?
  2. What makes the PL you are proposing particularly valuable and effective?
  3. How might you make the case that funds (BSI, Equity, SSSP), etc. should be invested in the kind of PL you are proposing? How is PL necessary to achieving the goals of your team’s plans?
  4. What will the particular audience need to hear to be convinced?
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