Day 3.0: Evaluating and Supporting Change

Change Presentation Peer Response Exercise

Teams paired up to share their work-in-progress and engage in deep and productive discussions including reactions, advice, and ideas for revision.  Participants remarked, “We built on synergy,” “It helps us to think about our language,” and “It’s wonderful seeing the knowledge and development in our teams.”

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Integrated Planning Text Set:  “Implementing effective practices within the confines of the institution”

We were excited to be joined by Executive Vice Chancellor Laura Hope!  Teams read, explored, and synthesized the integrated planning text set



ultimately creating a visual representation (“Simplexity” poster) with their “Vision for Success” goal at the center:

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Spotlight: Campus Change Driven by Professional Learning

BSILI2018_Day_3_Wednesday Costino


After the lunch break, participants engaged in a Read Together and lively discussion of Kim Costino’s article “Equity-Minded Faculty Development:  An Intersectional Identity-Conscious Community of Practice Model for Faculty Learning” , ultimately connecting it to the simplexity posters teams made before lunch as well as their logic models.

Equity by Design


Arnita, Paula, and Diana presented the Center for Urban Education’s “Five Principles for Creating Equity by Design“:

BSILI2018_Day_3_Wednesday Equity Presentation


and then facilitated a think-pair-share about how equity is embedded or “baked” into the teams’ logic models’ outcomes and activities.

This was followed by a gallery walk activity providing feedback on the simplexity posters viewed through an equity lens.

Arnita recommends the following books for further exploration:


Day 3.0 Slides

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