Day 4.0: Team Planning

Data Inquiry for Your PL Hubs

This morning we discussed using data inquiry to tell the PL Hub story and inform success.

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday Data Inquiry


Research questions guide everything, and the way we frame the question is essential:

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday Slide 7


This was connected to Wenger’s outcomes:

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday Wenger Slide


Teams then put this into practice in a rubric exercise:

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Professional Learning

BSILI 2018 PL Slides


Reading Together-Jigsaw Style

Teams completed jigsaw readings of  “From Professional Development to Professional Learning” and “Basic Skills for Complex Lives,” selecting and discussing golden lines.

Elevator Speeches

Mark and Roy (Rark, Moy, Maro) modeled an elevator speech and reminded participants to play, be messy, and thank themselves for their hard work this week. Starting with Fin-Dig questions, teams then created elevator speeches, performed them for a partner team, and provided feedback.

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday messy

Pulling It All Together

We have a lot of power in crafting the narrative

Jessica and Crystal then emphasized the importance of artful questioning and storytelling in the process of making positive change on our campuses.  The Wenger Rubric returned as a tool to get participants started in crafting their Personal Value Narratives.

 BSILI Inquiry Going Forward

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday BSILI Inquiry

Working Session

During this session, teams worked hard completing the following (whew!):

BSILI2018__Day_4_Thursday Working Session

After our final dinner, participants returned to the Pineview room to create their Personal Value Narratives.

Day 4.0 Slides



• Post your team’s revised Elevator Speech and comment on three other posts

• Finish final poster consisting of:

– The final draft of your logic model

– Your theory of change

– A visual of some kind


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