BSILI 2016: Leadership for Institutional and Curricular Transformation

Vision and Goals

  • Each college team will focus on planning a Professional Learning (PL) HUB that will provide the support necessary to further their campus Student Success Initiative (SSI) or regional professional learning initiative. The elements of the HUB will include:
    • professional learning activities on campus
    • participation in planning a regional event
    • selections from 3CSN’s calendar of events
  • To support the planning and development of this PL HUB, colleges will work together with the 3CSN team, at BSILI and through follow-up phone calls and at least one site visit, to create a year-long master calendar that will link campus, regional and 3CSN Community of Practice events to achieve the following goals:
    • Each BSILI participant will be involved in at least 30 hours of PL over the course of the next year, and
    • Each BSILI college team will increase involvement of their own campus faculty, administrators, and staff in PL HUB events
    • The BSILI teams will identify and engage with the 3CSN Communities of Practice most connected to their campus SSIs or regional professional learning initiatives:
      • Habits of Mind – Addressing the affective domain/non-cognitive dimensions of learning and student support; Integration of student support services with instruction
      • Threshold Project – Common Core; Vertical Integration/Teaming; Articulation of core conceptual knowledge within disciplines, across educational segments
      • Reading Apprenticeship – Literacy across the campus
      • CTE — Embedding just-in time remediation within CTE courses; contextualized learning of foundational skills and Habits of Mind
      • Learning Assistance Project – Providing training and opportunities to share knowledge among learning support professionals to elevate practice and grow future educators
      • Equity—training and support to create welcoming and supportive environments that implement equity principles, culturally responsive policies, and high-impact practices to address disparities, close achievement gaps, and meet the needs of each student.
    • BSILI college teams will partner, based on local strengths and shared SSI and PL goals, to develop PL activities over the course of the next year and/or volunteer to host planned 3CSN events.
    • Participants will address BSILI Assessment/Evaluation goals through participation in 3CSN surveys.
    • Teams will use the Personal Value Narrative and Value Creation forms to assess BSILI learning.
    • Participants will engage in a process to explore how data can inform and guide the professional learning associated with SSIs and regional initiatives.
  • Participants will address BSILI Capacity Building goals through
    • Pairing with colleges and partnering with educators across regions in creating PL activities
    • Encouraging increased campus participation in planned PL activities
    • Leveraging professional learning to help build and influence leadership on the campus to support and sustain chosen SSI or regional initiative

BSILI 2016 Syllabus