Day 5.0: Leaving and Arriving

Final Posters: Feedback Carousel Logic Models  Shasta Logic Model Merced Logic Model West Hills, Coalinga, Logic Model Faculty Collaborative Logic Model LAVC Logic Model Santiago Canyon Logic Model San Joaquin Delta Logic Model Gavilan College Logic Model WLAC Logic Model LACC Logic Model Cañada ACES Inquiry Logic Model BSILI 2016 by Mark Manasse Ode to BSILI […]

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LA City

Day 4.0: Team Planning

Data Inquiry Use the data to tell the story of your Professional Learning, as well as to inform your plan.  This is also about your experience, your team, your community and the value of that interaction.  This is where the Wenger Rubric comes in handy (see Handouts for a digital copy): BSILIers post possible evidence […]

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Day 3.0: Evaluating Change

First a Moment of Empathy Campus Groups’ Presentations San Diego Mesa’s Presentation West Hills, Coalinga’s Presentation (perhaps in need of a title revision ☺) Gavilan College’s Presentation Presentation Peer Review They shared and discussed right through their break! Integrated Planning ‘Implementing effective practices within the confines of the institution,’ says IEPI, but integrated planning helps […]

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miracle cartoon

Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change

Transactional stuff can happen via email. Transformational stuff happens when we’re together. – Deborah Harrington Gallery Walk West LA College Team #2 Theory of Change and Logic Modeling This is an important part of the process to help visualize, articulate, and plan how you will reach the vital change you intend.   Blank Logic Model […]

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Day 1.0: Changing Narratives

The cool air and bright sunshine is wonderful sign for the full start of BSILI, a fresh start as we delve deeper into creating change and writing our own narratives for that change. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “The Danger of a Single Story” It is impossible to talk about the single story without talking about power. […]

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Go Team!

BSILI 2016: Welcome to the Mountain!

First of all, welcome to BSILI! We are so glad to have you here at the mountain with us, dedicating time to be leader for your yourself, your college, and your students.  For so many of us, BSILI has been, and continues to be, an intensive and transformative experience.  We hope it is the same […]

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