Institute Readings

Day .5 – Sunday

Opinion|Beyoncé and the End of Respectability Politics- The New York Times


Klein_Is Change Possible

Day 1 – Monday

Inquiry Breakout Text Sets

What do we know about how people learn, and how to do we transform our institutions to reflect that understanding?

Bain_Best College Teachers Chapter 2

How People Learn Chapter 1

Reaching Students Chapter 3 Using Insights

RFU Chapter 2 Excerpt

How do we authentically engage all stakeholders and collaborate across silo(e)s?

Anderson_Engaging Resistance

Navigating Institutional Culture_Building Bridges and Not Burning

Tagg_Why Faculty Resist Change

Taggart_The Five Learning Disciplines

How do we meaningfully include students in our transformation efforts?

Bringing Student Voices to Guided Pathways Inquiry and Design 

Discourse Mismatch Article

Meaningful Student Involvement

Karp_They Never Told Me

Day 3 – Wednesday

Costino_Faculty Equity

CUE_Equity Design Principles

Professional Learning v. Development

A New Vision for Professional Development

Integrated Planning Text Set

English 705 Guidance_CCCCO_03_22_18

LACP for Text Set

Pathways Model for Text Set

Vision for Success Exec Summary