Day 4.0: Team Planning (Weaving it All Together)

Day 4 started on a high note with a group photo and appreciations!  Deborah gave Jessica and Kelan a great sendoff with Lilo and Stitch journals and led the group in singing the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song.  Then it was time to get down to business!

Data Inquiry for Your PL Hubs

The morning focused on using data inquiry to tell the PL Hub story and inform success:

Data Inquiry for Your PL Hubs

Data Inquiry Graphic


Research questions guide everything, and the way we frame the question is essential:next step was to consider the activities teams were planning as a part of their PL Hubs and considering immediate outcomes as well as questions to help teams to investigate whether the professional learning is having the impact they are hoping for.



BSILI2019__Day_4_Thursday 2

Wenger’s outcomes are:


Teams then put this into practice in a rubric exercise:



Professional Learning

The next topic of the day was professional learning.  We had already touched on the differences between professional learning and professional development earlier in the week, but today teams took a deeper dive and reflected upon how to build and promote a professional learning (PL) hub on their home campus in support of student initiatives, how to inquire into current professional learning that is being offered on home campuses, and outlined steps for integrating the PL Hub’s goals into the college’s professional development structure and offerings.  Participants were asked to consider the following in preparation for this work:

Shared Reading

Teams read  “From Professional Development to Professional Learning,”  selecting and discussing golden lines. They then selected 3-4 of the team’s golden lines/key points to share with the other team at their table.  Each team shared their team’s golden lines/highlights of the reading.  A whole group discussion followed.

Elevator Speeches

Next up was elevator speeches, a BSILI tradition:


In preparation for this meaningful exercise, teams were asked to consider the following:


They were also encouraged to consider the four quadrants and to view the project through an equity lens as they drafted.

Praxis Portfolio

We were extremely excited this year to introduce the Swipe Praxis Portfolio to BSILI (thanks, Nika, our incredible sage of all useful technology!).  This is the place where teams will capture their work at BSILI as well as the work to follow in the form of interactive online presentations.  Each team’s Praxis Portfolio will include:


The Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence’s Theory of Change & Action was shown once more as an example of how a change narrative can be illustrated:


 Weaving it All Together

In preparation for creating Personal Value Narratives, participants had the opportunity to practice:


The Wenger Rubric returned as a tool in crafting these Personal Value Narratives:


The evening was spent working on the personal value narratives, a transformative and powerful process of deep reflection.

Day 3.0 PowerPoint



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