BSILI 2018: Leadership for Institutional and Curricular Transformation

Vision and Goals

  • Each college team will focus on planning a Professional Learning (PL) HUB that will provide the support necessary to further their campus Student Success Initiative (SSI) or regional professional learning initiative. The elements of the HUB will include:
    • professional learning activities on campus
    • participation in planning a regional event
    • selections from 3CSN’s calendar of events
  • To support the planning and development of this PL HUB, colleges will work together with the 3CSN team, at BSILI and through follow-up phone calls and at least one site visit, to create a year-long master calendar that will link campus, regional and 3CSN Community of Practice events to achieve the following goals:
    • Each BSILI participant will be involved in at least 30 hours of PL over the course of the next year, and
    • Each BSILI college team will increase involvement of their own campus faculty, administrators, and staff in PL HUB events
    • The BSILI teams will engage in ongoing inquiry based on topics/questions developed with each other and the network coordinators over the course of the institute and designed to help assist colleges in implementing AB 705, Guided Pathways and other initiatives key to achieving increased student success.
    • BSILI college teams will partner, based on local strengths and shared SSI and PL goals, to develop PL activities over the course of the next year and/or volunteer to host planned 3CSN events.
    • Participants will address BSILI Assessment/Evaluation goals through participation in 3CSN surveys.
    • Teams will use the Personal Value Narrative and Value Creation forms to assess BSILI learning.
    • Participants will engage in a process to explore how data can inform and guide the professional learning associated with SSIs and regional initiatives.
  • Participants will address BSILI Capacity Building goals through
    • Pairing with colleges and partnering with educators across regions in creating PL activities
    • Encouraging increased campus participation in planned PL activities
    • Leveraging professional learning to help build and influence leadership on the campus to support and sustain chosen SSI or regional initiative
[pdf-embedder url=”http://bsili.3csn.org/files/2009/06/BSILI-2018Syllabus-.pdf” title=”BSILI 2018Syllabus”]