BSILI Mission, Values, & Outcomes

Mission Statement

Develop leaders in California community colleges who have the capacity to facilitate networks of faculty, staff, and students for curricular and institutional redesigns in support of increased student access, success, equity, and completion.

Values and Shared Assumptions

  • Everybody (students, faculty, staff) has the right to ongoing, sustained, and rigorous learning experiences to further their personal, educational, and professional growth.
  • Learning is a network forming process:  connections and relationships are crucial to the learning process.
  • Deep learning and leadership are facilitated by maintaining:
    • An appreciative inquiry mindset, i.e., curiosity about what’s possible
    • A growth mindset, i.e., a belief that change is possible.

Institute Outcomes

  • Create a structured plan to build capacity for ongoing inquiry and professional learning that is linked to and focused on student success.
  • Create a shared vision of transformational professional learning and inquiry that is an integral part of educational culture and professional identity.
  • Learn and apply capacity-building tools of leadership to achieve this transformational professional learning program.
  • Learn techniques for establishing outcomes and considering data/evidence to develop an evaluation plan for assessing this professional learning program.
  • Build a narrative that participants can use to create support/ownership at the college, region, or larger network.

Post-BSILI Objectives (BSILI CoPs)

  1. Coordination and implementation of the PL Hub in support of the identified SSI
    1. Identify people who should attend and participate in PL activities, as well as lead some of the PL activities
    2. Communicate with 3CSN Coordinator for support in planning activities, including regional publicity
    3. Publicize PL activities to campus constituents
    4. Prepare to share a PL Hub update at the BSILI post-session of the Fall Strengthening Student Success Conference (SSSC)
    5. Prepare to participate in regional sharing activities and the Winter BSILI sharing event
    6. Prepare to participate in the LINKS leadership event in spring semester to highlight key successes and challenges of participating in the PL Hub
  2. Participation in data inquiry activities  to foster capacity for evaluation of PL Hub:
    1. Develop inquiry questions
    2. Identify the kinds of data that might help you answer such questions
    3. Collect some form of data to help you answer those questions
    4. Be prepared to share something about your inquiry process at the Strengthening Student Success Conference in October
    5. Be prepared to share something at the spring culminating event that you have learned about your PL program from this inquiry process