Day 5.0: Sharing Our BSILI Journey So Far and Next Steps

BSILI 2019 was one for the books!  Today’s focus was on praxis portfolio presentations and peer feedback: BSILIers were then asked to reflect on LINKS and imagining what accomplishments they look forward to sharing with their colleagues from across the state. Aloha, Ohana!  We can’t wait to co-create, learn, and grow with you throughout the next 12 […]

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Day 4.0: Team Planning (Weaving it All Together)

Day 4 started on a high note with a group photo and appreciations!  Deborah gave Jessica and Kelan a great sendoff with Lilo and Stitch journals and led the group in singing the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song.  Then it was time to get down to business! Data Inquiry for Your PL Hubs The morning focused on using data inquiry […]

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Day 3.0: Evaluating and Supporting Change (Weaving in Critical Reflection and Critical Consciousness for Praxis and Equity)

On Day 3, teams moved to new tables and engaged in dynamic discussions with their own team and another college team as they moved forward to evaluating and supporting change.  Much of the day’s focus was on weaving critical consciousness for equity and praxis. We were thrilled to honor the birthdays of Mary Ann and Venus.  Venus blessed […]

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Day 2.0: Theorizing and Planning Change (Weaving and Unweaving)

  Change Narrative Gallery Walk Teams made wonderful posters to describe, define, and visualize their change narrative and then participated in a gallery walk to share their work and to get and give feedback via post-it notes.  Here are some examples of their amazing work and feedback: Mapping Change Participants then completed a mini-jigsaw shared reading […]

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Day 1.0: Putting Inquiry at the Center (Weavers Need Frames)

A beautiful start to our first full day on the mountain! Is Real Change Possible? After a review of the “Grumpy” CAT feedback, participants engaged in a discussion of Eric Klein’s “Is Real Change Possible?” :   This generated a rich small and large group discussion: Each team then shared their aspirational metaphor poster with a team they were paired […]

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BSILI 2019: Welcome to the Mountain!

First of all, welcome to BSILI! We are so glad to have you here at the mountain with us, dedicating time to be a leader for yourself and your college.  For so many of us, BSILI has been, and continues to be, an intensive and transformational experience.  We hope it is the same for you. Now, Get […]

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