Badger Queen

Badger Queen

sung to the tune of Dancing Queen

You can dance, you lone nut, having the time of your life (Oooooh)
See that bitch, watch that scene, diggin’ the Badger Queen

Sunday night and there’s marshmallows
Pasta tower how high to go-oooooo
Where they build up the pasta, getting into the swing
We’re gonna drop that thing.

Anybody could be that nut
Night is late and the tension’s hiiiiiiiigh
Yeah you thought it was bedtime, badger flashed you some teeth
Badger don’t give a shit.
And when you get the chance…

You are the Badger Queen, sharp and mean, ‘preciative inquiry
Badger Queen, gettin’ pissed when the WiFi’s lean (oh yeah)
You can lead, you lone nu-t, slaying the dragons with ease (Oooooh)
See that babe, watch that scene, now she’s the Honey Queen.

Crazy dancing

You’re a leader, you turn us on
Conquer cobras from dusk to daaaaaawn
Rockin out that Hawaiian, hatin’ on Chardonnay

Its not a once and done

And when you need your queen…

Call on the Badger Queen, sharp and keen, and her awesome team
Honey Queen, feel the love here at B-SILI (oh yeah)
You inspire, you change lives, students and teachers alike (Ooooh)
Now see us, on our way, to being Badger Queens.